Burnham and Jagan, friends and foes..
Left, Burnahm inspects young cadets. Right, Burnham giving a speech during the terrible sixties.

Left, Burnham on a filed trip to the hinterland and right, Burnham at his desk. Below, Burnham arrives at National Park for a PNC rally on the left. Below right, Burnham in protest.

Burnham who was very supportive of Clive Lloyd (unlike Kanhai) and Lloyd celebrate after Guyana won the Shell Shield competition.
by Rakesh Rampertab

Forbes Burnham is a figure of many meanings. He is, arguably, the most controversial Guyanese figure ever. To most people who was not old enough to live under his reign, he still remains a mystery. In fact, even for many who lived under his rule, Burnham was quite unknown although he seemed to be everywhere through his symbols, speeches, phlosophy, political subordinates and the sign of the times which he singlehandedly embodied. These images are posted here for two reasons; first, historical; and secondly, to bring the man, the politician, the feared leader closer to the viewer.

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