The emphasis on Rohan Kanhai here is strickly to make him more accessible to everyone, as he is one of the most obscure figures in Guyanese history. It is hoped that these pages represent only a start. There is the important and accurate short essay by CLR James on Kanhai, written in 1966, and posted online for the first time by us at in 2001. There are the three pages of images researched and resized herein. Enjoy.
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“Some batsmen play brilliantly sometimes and at ordinary times they go ahead as usual. That one... is different from all of them. On certain days, before he goes into the wicket, he makes up his mind to let them have it. And once he is that way nothing on earth can stop him. Some of his colleagues in the pavilion who have played with him for years have seen strokes that they have never seen before: from him or anybody else."                            —Sir Learie Constantine to CLR James, on Kanhai
I take Kanhai as the high peak of West Indian cricketing development. West Indian cricketing had reached such a stage, that a fine cricketer could be adventuresome, and Kanhai was adventuresome…People felt that it was more than a mere description of how he batted; it was something characteristic of us as cricketers. They felt that it was not only a cricketing question, because Kanhai was an East Indian, and East Indians were still somewhat looked down upon by other people in the Caribbean. But I stated that here was a cricketer who was doing things that nobody else was doing..."—CLR James on Kanhai
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