Rape and Assault Victims
by Rakesh Rampertab
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Rape and Assault on Girl Children and Women

Women who Died in Abuse/Rape-Murder Cases

Images of Gender Abuse

this page is dedicated to the men and boys…

QUESTION: remember when you humiliated your mother and sister; remember when you beat your daughter; remember when you raped your wife; remember when you murdered your girlfriend? Think about it…do something about it

Woman is the Nigger of the World

“Woman is the nigger of the world
Yes she is...think about it
Woman is the nigger of the world
Think about something about it

We make her paint her face and dance
If she won't be a slave, we say that she don't love us
If she's real, we say she's trying to be a man
While putting her down, we pretend that she's above us

Woman is the nigger of the world...yes she is
If you don't believe me, take a look at the one you're with…”

-John Lennon



Dec 1, 2002. Gregory Persaud of Arthur Village, Wakenaam, is being tried for raping a girld under age 12.

Nov 17, 2002 (or thereabouts). An arrest warrant is issued for Marlon December, who allegedly raped a woman and fled Wismar, Linden.

Nov 11, 2002. Sherlock Lectcu, is being tried for rape.

Sept 25, 2002. An ex-boyfriend of the sister of Vanessa Diaram (18) (who is a wife and mother), attempted to kidnap the young mother. Fortunately, she managed to escape after freeing herself (she was bound/gagged to a chair), when the young man went to a shop to buy a phone card.

Sept 19,2002. A 26-year-old female security guard and mother of three claims she was abducted by a man with a toy gun and a knife and rape in an abandoned house. (Kaieteur News)

Sept 11, 2002. Chandroutie Premsuksh (Melanie), is stripped of her top and chopped on her breast by bandits.

August 27, 2002. One Indian woman and one Black woman are raped by bandits (allegedly led by one Melroy Goodman, a leader of the People's Liberation Movement [PLM] in Buxton, a group aligned with the escapes and criminals) during a raid on at least 5 homes in Non Pariel.

Note, there was also reported a case of 2 young Black women being raped by bandits in a separet incident.

August 22, 2002. Savitri Teakaram, proprietress of A&R Bargain Centre on Robb Street, is stripped and left in her underwear by bandits.

May 18, 2002. Calvin Shawn Smith, of East Ruimveldt, is accused of raping his 19-yr-old cousin twice, after awakening her, and having forced intercourse with her.

May 07, 2002.
Ronald Greaves (27), of Sandy Babb Street, Kitty, is accused of indecently assaulting an 11-yr-old minor at her home.

April 27, 2002
. Vidol Rawlkings,
also known as 'Tyson,' was charged with having carnal knowledge of a 12-year-old girl. On the said date, at Crane Squatting Area, West Coast Demerara, Rawlings raped the child (holding a knife to her throat), while her mother was away on business. He then threatened to kill the girl if she told anyone.

April 21, 2002. Bruno George (46), of Sheet Anchor, east canje, is accused of indecently assaulting a 4-yr-old girl.

March 25, 2002. Nicola Terrell (32) and Ruthilla Terrell (57) ...daughter and mother are slashed /chopped by a male acquaintance of the younger Terrell in their Wismar neighbourhood after an altercation at a shop in the area. The daugter underwent surgery.

March 7, 2002. Atteal Jeune, is indicted with raping his former wife; he allegedly climbed through her window, disrobed her at knife point, and had sex with her.

March 2, 2002. Haroon Augustus, (Mabaruma) allegedly had sex with a minor, whom he pulled into the bush as the two headed for a shop.

Dec 14, 2001. Andray Barry (18) (Berbice) is charged with abducting and raping a 12-yr-old schoolgirl whom he abducted on Main Street, New Amsterdam.

Dec 03, 2001. Carlton Sampton (44) is accused of raping an 18-year-old woman he took to a hotel in Bartica, Essequibo. He forcibly took the teenager to the hotel after running an errand (with the teen) for the teen’s sister-in-law.

Dec 01, 2001. Dillon Thompson (22) and Hubert Byass (19), are charged with sexually assaulting a 25-year-old woman who was with an older companion, learning to drive at Scottsburg Beach, Corriverton, Berbice

Nov 08, 2001. Nigel Joel (24) is charged with sodomizing a 10-yr-old in his Mandela Avenue home.

Nov 2001. Kurt Brown (25) is charged with sodomizing and having anal sex with a 12-yr-old girl whose father gave Brown the key to his apartment to uplift a TV. This incident occurred sometime in November 2001.

Nov 2001. Arthur Oggis (65) is indicted on carnal knowledge charges of an 11-yr-old primary school pupil. After being examined by a doctor, the child admitted to having sex with the sexagenarian at lelast 5 times between November 2001 and January 8, 2002.

Oct 20, 2001. Satrohan Singh (30) is charged with raping a disabled 13-yr-old girl who was left alone at home. Apparently, the man was accused of the same crime before, but those allegations were found to be untrue.

Oct 19, 2001. Royston Waldron (29) father of 3, charged for indecent assault on a 16-yr-old girl. The girl who lives close by, was duped by Waldron who told her that there was a phone call for her. Lacytown, G/town.

Oct 14, 2001. Pete Stephens (22) is accused of raping a 9-yr-old girl in Strand Cinema's toilet. The child was made to buy snacks and told by Stephens to take it to another girl who was in the toilet. He then followed her.

Oct 10, 2001. Sarran Ramdoo (55) of Grove, EBD, is charged with raping a 17-year-old. He forcibly took the child to his bedroom and demanded that she performed oral sex.

Oct 10, 2001. Ramesh Ganesh (68) Hindi tutor, charged with having carnal knowledge with a 13-yr-old student.

Oct 10, 2001. Bowin Persaud (32) chopped his “estranged wife,” Fazilla Khan, several times about the body and head. Her sister, Zailoon Khan is also chopped on the elbow and wrist. Mr. Persaud then committed suicide by hanging himself. Source of problem: unstable relationship. Place: Betsy Ground, East Canji, Berbice.

Sept 28, 2001. Perry White (21) is accused of raping a 14-yr-old student. He offered to take her home and took her to a hotel instead.

Sept 26, 2001. Ram Ramcharran (28) is charged for indecent assault of Audrey Alder, whose crotch he grabbed in public saying, “He has to get it.”

Sept 17, 2001. Noel Crumwell (32) is charged for rape after forcing a 26-yr-old woman to perform oral sex on him. He had offered her a ride home but took her instead behind the isolated Rahaman's Park, East Bank Dem.

Sept 17, 2001. Winick Phillips (39) allegedly had sexual intercourse with a 68-year-old woman at her home. He is being charged with raping the sexagenarian.

Sept 15, 2001. Ganesh Mackhan (19) is accused of abducted a 12-year-old girl from home (Ann’s Grove) without her mother’s consent and having carnal knowledge of the pre-teen at Kitty in Georgetown.

Jul 15, 2001. James Drake (40) is with fondling a 10-yr-old girl. He was caught with his hand up the child's nightgown by her aunt.

Jul 13, 2001. Marsh Singh (25) is charged with beating his wife. The two had an estranged relationship

Jul 08, 2001. Aubrey Price is charged for assaulting wife...placed on one-year bond.

Jul 06, 2001. Rupan Ganpat (20) is accused of gagging and raping 13-yr-old girl in her home, Berbice, while the child was alone at home.

Jul 05, 2001. Shawn Nedd (18) is charged with having carnal knowledge with a 10-yr-old girl.

June 24, 2001. Dhanmattie Harrycharran, a mother, is ordered to strip naked in front of her 11-yr-old daughter (or have the child raped) by bandits.

Apr 12, 2001.
Frank Cole (43) is charged with raping and impregnating a 12-yr-old girl. The child was at home with a retarded aunt, when she was gagged, raped, and threatened with death to remain silent. She was later discovered to be 4 1/2 months pregnant after a relative noticed marks on her stomach and took her to a doctor.

Mar 08, 2001. Claude Ross (44) is charged for raping girl under 12 years old. G/town.

Jan 29, 2001. Glendon Benny (18) is charged for raping 13-yr-old student. Berbice.

Nov 18, 2000.
Romal Harry (Soesdyke) is charged with having carnal knowledge with a 13 yr-old-girl

Nov 16, 2000.
Lakeram Singh (Land of Canaan) is charged for raping a 9-yr-old girl.

Nov 09, 2001. Ronald Britton is charged with sexually assaulting a 17-yr-old girl.

Nov 09, 2000.
Winston Carrington (Bagotstown) is charged for sexually assaulting a 13 yr-old-boy

July 2000 (THE CASE OF SONIA HINDS) Of all the domestic violence cases that did not end in death, one of the most tragic was that of Sonia Hinds, who lost both her hands and an eye after she was chopped by her reputed husband. The couple had quarrelled over a pair of shoes (SN, 7.8.00). Ms Hinds has received prosthetics.

Dec 17, 1999. Hasrat Ali, is accused of raping a woman into whose home he invaded and raped her, cutting her with a knife in the process. He once begged for sex, offering to pay money.  

Nov 08, 1999. Michael Hamlington, 40, a preacher of Kiltern Seventh Day Adventist Church, Corentyne, admitted to having sex with a 13-yr-old girl. He threatened to kill her should she disclose this to anyone.

Oct 23, 1999. Gary Niaynkrick (28) is charged with sexually assaulting a woman (28) in public.

Nov 16, 1998. Sewchand Samad, 17, convicted on 2 counts, for having anal sex with 8-yr-old girl.
Charged in 3/2002.

Aug 2, 1998. Linton Cadogan, armed with a cutlass, attacked and raped a young woman (21) in the presence of her lover (Cadogan's cousin) in East Canje, Berbice.

Jun 13, 1998. Gerard Brown of 31 Lama Avenue, Bel Air Park; Samaroo Boyd of 154 East Field Drive, Nandy Park; and Lawrence Gittens of 105 Second Street, Alexander Village are accused of raping a 16-yr-old girl. case still on trial as of Feb, 2002.

Nov 14, 1997. Lindsay Gordon is being tried for having alleged carnal knowledge with a 10-yr-old

Jan 13, 1997. Ganesh Dukharran, has been indicted on three counts of rape, indecent assault, and the unlawful wounding of Ms. Shanti Joseph. The incident occurred in Black Bush Polder, Corentyne, Berbice. The trial is discontinued on April 9, 2002, after Ms. Joseph opted not to provide evidence against the accused.

(Editor's comment:
this case dramatizes a serious problem in reducing the level of sexual and violent assaults on girls and women-the reluctance of female victims to testify against their attackers. Mr. Dukharran should NOT have walked away a free man.)

May 14, 1996.
Compton Patterson (35), minibus conductor, was sentenced to 18 years in jail for raping a 13-yr-old schoolgirl in his bus. The girl, placed in his bus to be taken to the hospital after a minor road accident, is instead taken to a vacant city lot and raped. The driver (Gerald Bancroft), who left the scene before the crime occurred, was sentenced to 12 years as an abettor.

Sentenced to 18 and 12 years respectively by a trial judge, both are freed after winning their appeals (based on technicalities and errors committed by the trial judge)



Nov 19, 2002. "Dolly," of North Annandale, a teenager, commits suicide by drinking a toxic substance. She placed her two boy children in foster care. "Dolly" had no job or skills and "took on" the breakup between the common-law father. He left her for another woman.

Jul 14, 2002. Norma Sandiford, of North Ruimveldt, and in her forties, is brutally stabbed to death by her nephew 9270, after she complained about his playing of loud music. The nephew had threatened to chop her up earlier.

June 4, 2002. Sandra Castor (42), mother of 2 is brutally beaten and buried naked in a small grave in Good Hope, ECD, where she shacked up with her reputed husband. The two were having problems. He has a history of beating her.

May 15, 2002. Dorita Walcott (42), mother of 5, of Armadale, West Coast Berbice, is murdered by her son-in-law. She was beaten in the head and stabbed in the neck. Apparently, Walcott's daughter, patricia, had become estranged from her husband and had moved back to her mother.

May 5, 2002. Kim Baptiste (26), is killed after sledgehammer slips from the hand of Cracy Fernandes who intended to kill her with it as she slept, but changed his mind. The two who lived in the same house, were having quarrels-Baptiste has earlier lashed him a few times with a cutlass.

Apr 20, 2002. Monica Walker (38) of First Street, Mocha Arcadia, mother of three boys, is brutally chopped to death by her male companion, at whose home (East Ruimveldt) she was at the time. Despite screams for assistance from neighbors, the man who allegedly went "biserked," chopping her arms, legs, back, and neck. He accused her of infidelity. The murderer has had charges against him for his physical abuse on Walker dropped; Walker either begged for him or never showed up at court hearings.

April 2002. Claire Fanfair and Joy Ann are both killed in the space of two hours by Alister Fanfair (27). He was the estranged husband of the first and lover of the second (with whom he was living at the time of death). He killed himself after.

Jan. 26, 2002. Jaijwantie Sooklall (Roshanie), 22, of Soesdyke, a mother of three, is brutally murdered by a male acquaintance. The man jumped out from some bushes one night and slashed her throat (stabbed her also), as she was walking home one night to her brother's home in Little Diamond, where she had been staying after her disputes in Soesdyke. Note image below.

Nov 13, 2001.  Jennifer Dyal (27), a mother, she is stabbed to death by her estranged lover during the 2001 Diwali parade held by the Kitty seawall. They had been separated recently after having disputes.

(As of Jan 31, the police has NOT yet apprehended this man.)

Oct 2, 2001. Sonia Jerrick (23). Shot to death by friend-policeman for refusing to have sex. Mother of 2 pre-teenage boys, Ms. Jerrick died on her birthday after going out with some friends, including this policeman whom she knew. (See image in our List of Crime Victims).

Oct 13, 2001. Savitri Persad (41). Chopped, raped, and brutally murdered. Crime still unsolved. She was the mother and sole breadwinner of 2 pre-teenage girls who was raped and killed when she went to get her goats from a backland pasture. Her body was dumped in a creek, West Bank Essequibo (See image in our List of Crime Victims).

Sept 2001 Millicent Sewbutchan (Aunty Millie) of Melville, Wakenaam, in her sixties, is sexually assaulted, beaten, and strangled to death. Mr. Kenneth Richardson is being charged with this murder.

Aug 19, 2001. Anita Persaud (18), was brutally raped and murdered and left semi-nude in a Mahaicony trench. Crime still unsolved. Your girl showed gashes in hand and was apparently strangled to death. Bone of her left elbow was found protruding, evidence of a desperate struggle for life. (See image in our List of Crime Victims).

Jul 29, 2001. Ivy Sugrim (33), mother of 6, stabbed to death by her spouse during domestic quarrel. 

Jun 27, 2001. Lois-Nicole Hohenkirk (32), school teacher of the Alpha Bees Play School, Oronoque Street, G/town, is found murdered. Her semi-nude body is found in a clump of bushes in Campbellville Housing Scheme, accidentally by children. The exact date is unknown to us; we do know that this murder occurred around mid-year, 2001.

Jun 27, 2001. Solamie Mohaba (39), mother of 4-yr old died after being found unconscious at home. She suffered a skull fracture. Relatives and neighbors claimed that she had suffered severe abuse for years.

May 31, 2000. Shonette Gardner (28), was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment for accidentally killing her reputed husband, Eucliff Anthony. She retaliated with a hammer after the husband attacked her with a knife. She had suffered a history of domestic abuse.

Dec 19, 1999. Herallall Nankoo is charged with manslaughter for beating his wife (Jaiwantie Keisrulall), who died due to head injuries. Berbice. Nankoo beat his wife with a belt and eventually pushed her into a post on which she hit her head. At the time both were drinking together and the wife accused her husband of taking a missing $500 bill. Case finally completed in February 2002; Mr. Nanko is sentenced to 6 years in prison. Note: She was taken to the Port Mourant hospitat but was refused treatment becasue she was drunk! (This idiocy is a widespread policy in Guyana because there is a sign at the G/Town Public Hospital which says that the hospital reserves the RIGHT to refuse medical treatment to anyone who behaves unmannerly.

[Editor's Note: A letter was written about this and sent to the Guyana Chronicle; it was rejected.]

May 12, 1999. Baltoon Rambarran (52) of Enmore, ECD, is charged and convicted of manslaughter for killing his wife, Muntie Barry (aka Data). He was drunk at the time when he began beating her with a stick.

Jun 22, 1998. Anand Lall (27), of Lusignan, ECD, is charged with manslaughter, for stabbing to death Drupattie Persaud (53), after he suspected that the older woman was not going to allow her niece to marry him (as she had promised). To help win her favor, he bought Persaud alcohol occasionally.

March 15, 1998. Alice Walters, is killed by her nephew, Richard Walters. The two had a misunderstanding (he had nothing to eat that day) and while she was asleep, Mr. Walters took a mortar stick and dealt her several blows to the head.

Jan 22, 1997. Onika Cozier (15), was allegedly strangled to death by her father, Michael Cozier. Who dumped her body on Sussex Street, G/town.

Jul 10, 1996. Sattie Harrack, died due to smoke inhalation after her husband flung a lighted stove on her. They owned a rum shop. Her husband (Gopaul Harrack) was annoyed because the wife had refused to cook "cutters" for some men drinking. Apparently, the wife was urging one of the drunken men to go home because he had a wife and a baby. Berbice.


Think about it … do something about it!

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