Top and above: various images showing villagers forced to relocate due to their homes being destroyed, or they coming under attack because of their race, all resulting from the violence of the time.
Left, British soldiers called into the colony to keep the peace; right, volunteers sent to West Coast of Demerara. Below left, dogs used to restrain rioters; below right, a news item about the notorious Casbah-Uitvlugt area.
More than 1,000 homes were destroyed during the sixties' violence.
The Violent Sixties—Tw0
by Rakesh Rampertab

These images are a reminder of a dangerous and unfortunate time in the history of a tiny South American country from which, the effects of this unfortunate and dangerous time are still at work. Perhaps these images would help to convey to the younger generations what they ought to work to prevent at all costs. See other pages: Page One    Page Three



































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