Police keeping supporters of the PPP at bay.
A police vehicle overturned at Buxton.
PPP Minister of Home Affairs for the period, August 1961-June 1962, Balram Singh Rai. Mr. Rai's appointment was revoked by Dr. Jagan, and he was subsequently expelled from the PPP due to differences with the Jagans.
Top: The Abraham family, of which all but the mother and two daughters were killed when a bomb was thrown into their home. Mr. Arthur Abraham was at the time of death, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Works and Hydraulic. He also served on different occasions before this appointment, as both Secretary to Dr. Jagan, the Premier, and Secretary to the Governor, His Excellency Sir Ralph Grey. Right: Attempt at reconciliation. Sydney King ( now Eusi Kwayana) from Buxton and Pandit Ramsahoye Doobay from Annandale, with the Rt. Honourable Duncan Sandys, Secretary of State for Colonial and Commonwealth Affairs for Her Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom.
Right, a Red Cross nurse attends to a boy.
The Violent Sixties—Three
by Rakesh Rampertab

These images are a reminder of a dangerous and unfortunate time in the history of a tiny South American country from which, the effects of this unfortunate and dangerous time are still at work. Perhaps these images would help to convey to the younger generations what they ought to work to prevent at all costs. See other pages: Page One    Page Two



























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