East Indian Culture and Music
(Dedicated in memory of all nanis and nanas for their sacrifice, especially the nanies...)
Selected and assorted by Rakesh Rampertab

Please Read: The aim of these pages (galleries) is to highlight East Indian cultural history in Guyana, much of which is subtly or entirely undocumented, as well as parts shrouded in murder or mystery. It is one person's attempt at congregating what otherwise has been relics scattered from here to there and in some cases, shipwrecked. With a few exceptions, images are used from a variety of sources. Credit is given where personal images were contributed. If anyone would like to claim credit for any image, or add n image to this project, please contact the editor at We welcome new photos (and stories). Please click on the following links:


An early bangle worn by an Indenture immigrant passed down through generations, dating back possibly to the late 19C, if not earlier.



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