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Prior to the 60s, Indian businessmen and farmers were armed, primarily with shotguns. These arms were seized on the orders of the British Governor (who had control over the Police and internal security) immediately before the PPP government was maneuvered out of office.

The advent of the PNC government saw an unarmed Indian populace hemmed in by Burnham's politicization of the Police and Armed Forces. This was further buttressed by the formation of PNC paramilitary groups like the House of Israel, and the wholesale issue of arms to PNC and YSM members, including known thugs and criminals. In fact it was often alleged that these thugs and criminals were "managed" by Congress Place.

The result was an increase in crime, more violent than before, and gradually increasing over time, committed primarily on the Indian population. Guyana quickly cycled through the "choke and rob" and "kick down the door"' banditry. The traumatized Indian population found themselves working hard during the day and having to keep "vigilante" during the nights, in the hope of "warding" away criminal attacks by their numbers. Eventually, the PPP and the Indian community advocated the conversion of these unarmed ''vigilante" groups into formal armed and trained "Community Police Groups".

The return of the PPP government in 1992 was met with the high expectation that the PPP government would reorganize the Police Force, form and support armed "Community Police Groups", and in general reduce the high incidence of violent crimes, especially racial crimes. Everyone, Indians and Blacks alike, anticipated a return to being safe and secure; to be able to work, save, live and grow in peace and security and, in the case of Guyanese overseas, to also visit in peace and security.

But alas! This was not be be. The PPP government failed to both form and support "Community Police Groups", and to reorganize the Police Force (they stupidly recapitalized the army instead of reorganizing/recapitalizing the Police). In fact the PPP retained the same Commissioner of Police, Laurie Lewis, who used to torture PPP supporters during the tenure of the PNC government. Worse still, the President and PPP, have steadfastly refused to acknowledge that violent crimes are being perpetrated primarily against the Indian population. They meekly succumed to the PNCs version of what all accepted as political and racial violence perpetrated by the PNC (even Desiree Bernard, now Chancellor, had the courage to say "fear stalks this land"). And in stoic manner, the Indian population has failed to apply pressure or even critize the PPP government (except for that one march in Albion), for their failure to secure the country.

Today, Indians are paying the price of the weakness/ineptitude of the PPP government, and their own silence. Their women are being molested and raped, their men slaughtered, and their hard earned savings robbed almost at will. All the PPP goverment, and ill-prepared Police (some of whom are now being executed without mercy), offer are promises, and more promises. While the Indian population continue to wait, and wait, with bated breath, and die of course!

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