Pictures of Guyana


Guyana, before the advent of racial strife fomented by Burnham and his clique, and before the PNC dictatorship in the 60s, was a beautiful country. Despite differences and suspicions, Indians and Blacks played, worked, lived, and actually struggled together. Despite tough times under their colonial masters, people were safe, secure, and happy.

The PPP (Cheddi Jagan) government of the 60s had embarked on an ambitious program of rural housing schemes and electrification, potable piped water supply, burnt-brick roads in villages, health centres providing pre-natal care and vaccinations, and a massive investment in education: free secondary education in rural areas, establishment of Teachers Training Colleges, and the “night school” University of Guyana. This was matched by an equally massive drive in agriculture: from the empolderment of Black Bush Polder to  Boeraserie, the guaranteed prices for farmers produce, and the sale of produce at subsidized prices through the Guyana Marketing Corporation.

The rice industry was booming, the Bauxite industry and communities were successful, mining and forestry were growing, and industrial areas like Ruimveldt were established. The rate of exchange of the US dollar was an unbelievable G$2.50 to $US1, and raw cloth was 3 yards (one dress length) for G$1.00.

British Guiana, under Cheddi Jagan, was a literate nation and the envy of the Caribbean. It was truly on the “Highway to Happiness” Peter Daguiar falsely promised. In fact the small man was already on his way to becoming the real man that Burnham later cliched but failed to delivered!

Then the PNC dictatorship hit us - Blacks and Indians alike - like a plague, from which we are still struggling to recover.

As we attempt to reconcile our people and reconstruct our economy, country and social fabric, let us look at some pictures of our once beautiful country.

[Note: Some pics of the Burnham era is also included in this collection, which was put together from scouring the web].  

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