PPP Minister Assassinated
by Rakesh Rampertab

Photos of Sash Sawh Funeral Supplied by Bryan Maxx


Roger Khan Cleared of the Sawh Assassination

"After interviewing several persons connected to the Forestry Commission, including Commissioner James Singh, investigators found no evidence of [Roger] Khan's involvement in the killings of the Minister, his siblings and the security guard." —KN new report, 7/15/2006





Left, Rondell Rawlins aka "Fine Man" and right, the sole surviving Mash Day escapee, Troy Dick, wanted in relation to the assasination of Minister Sash Sawh and his siblings. Also wanted are Orlando Andrews called “Biscuit” or “Jeffrey,” of Buxton, David Zammett, called David Leander or “Bullet,” of Buxton, Jermaine Charles called “Skinny” of Agricola, and Richard Daniels called “Chucky” of Agricola. The police are also seeking other persons who are known only by their nicknames: “Cash” of Buxton, “Not Nice” of Buxton, “Sonny” of Agricola, and “John Kirby” of Agricola.

—July 14, 2006, Guyana Police Force


“It is beyond unfortunate that after so many months Minister Sawh's killing is a dead issue. Hardly any mention is made that a Minister of the Government was gunned down...

“The AFC expects that after the President's strong statements the minister's killers would be brought to justice and that by now there should be some publication of name or names of those responsible.”
Raphael Trotman, AFC Presidential Candidate (KN June 22, 2006)

“GAP/ROAR is concerned that there has been no angle, no arrest and no wanted bulletin for suspects. In the context of the killing, a high profile slaying of this kind should have been solved. It clearly shows that the intelligence arm of the police force is inadequate to deal with the demands of the changing face of crime in Guyana.”
—Ravi Dev (KN June 22, 2006)


"He [Omprakash Sawh] described the man as dark in complexion, thinly built and about five feet, five inches in height. The gunman was wearing black military boots and camouflage uniform, similar to that used by the
Guyana Defence Force.
" —KN, 7/15/2006


"The armed African descendants [are] not going to end their resistance. When we are assured that we can build businesses
and employ our children in this country like any other person, then and only then, they would have peace!"
—Ronald Waddell


Questions that We ought to Consider (posted in April)

1. Was the execution done to divert attention from the missing AK-47s and the controversial supposed Felix-Williams "tape"/conversation? Apart from being a response to Waddell's execution?
2. Did a police informant provide the gunmen with infomation about the security guards not being armed?
5. Why would the Commissioner suggest that the survivors of this attack be protected if it was a robbery?
6. Why did the President and PPP say "assassination" but the Commissioner whisper "robbery"?
7. Is this the beginning of the end of the PPP? It very well is a good mark of an inevitable end.


                                  The late PPP Minister of Agriculture, Satyadeow Sawh, MP visiting the funeral of 9-year-old
                                 Christine Sukhra in 2004,
 who was killed by Buxton-based gunmen involved in an armed revolt
                                 against the government. Photo by Rakesh Rampertab for this website,


                  "Preliminary indication is that the primary motive was to kill the Minister and members of his family."
                                                      —PPP Press Statement, April 22

                       "As a nation, we will face down this threat; we will destroy those who seek to wound us, and the peaceful and
                      democratic will of  the Guyanese people will prevail."

                                                  —More empty words from an empty President Jagdeo

PAYBACK. Yes, it is. Partially. Compounded. The Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Satyadeow ("Sash") Sawh, MP, and member of PPP Cenrtal Committee, was assassinated sometime around midnight on April 21st, at his Earl Court home in LBI, East Coast Demerara. He was the first PPP minister ever to be killed in the history of the country, and the first PPP minister to be targeted successfully for any crime since an armed revolt by extremists and gunmen, in lieu with political links and operating out of Buxton though not from Buxton, became evident since April 2001.

Minister Sawh returned to Guyana at the courtesy of the late Dr. Cheddi Jagan, from Toronto, Canada, where Sawh was at the time head of the Canadian branch of the pro-PPP organization, Association of Concerned Guyanese. He had achieved by then a BA degree in Economics/Business from York University, Toronto, Canada in addition to other academic qualifications, and would serve as Ambassador to Venezuela before becoming Minsiter of Agriculture (also Livestock and Fisheries) in 1996. Arguably, he was one of the few officers of the government whose ministerial tenure under the PPP Government has been successful.

Also killed are his older brother (Rajpat Rai), his sister (Phulmattie Persaud aka Julie), and one security guard (Curtis Robertson). Two brothers, Rajpat and Omprakash Sawh, were made to lie on the floor before being shot at; Rajpat was killed, and fortunately, Ompraksh was only nicked. He survived after pretending to be dead. Two other security guards, Albert Mangra, and Augu Khan also received injurie but survived. At the time of the shooting, the minister's wife, Sattie, hid in the bathroom, after she saw one of the gunmen.


A family of funerals: left, Om Prakash (wounded) and deaths; Pulmatie Persaud, dead; Rajpat Rai, dead; Sash Sawh, dead, after the one-year death anniversary-work of their mother, customary among Hindus.

Those dead were killed when allegedly 7 armed gunmen dressed in military fatigue and wearing masks, made their way shooting at neighbors before descending on the minister's residence, where relatives had gathered at the time. Supposedly, three of the men entered inside the residence, flaying the minister who was in a hammock at the time, and his siblings. The gunmen who apprently came from the backlands, then returned via the same route which has been used as a primary conduit for these high-profile attacks such as the March Agricola massacre which left 8 people dead.

This killing should not be a surprise, and quite possibly, would be seen as a compounded respose to a number of things perceived to be linked to the PPP, including the gunning down of TV talk-show host, Ronald Waddell. As Waddell had himself said, and I sum up; they would be no "peace" for them (Indians) if there is none for us (Blacks).

The Laxity of the PPP Leadership in Crime Fighting is Led by the President Himself

The President of Guyana is, with respect, as daft as one may be regarding crime fighting and insurgency. It is idiotic that a minister would have unarmed security guards in this environment, and the President needs to answer why under his leadership, his minister was left so vulnerable? According to the police, the security firm had a "compromise" of the security of firearms used; guards without training were being used supposedly. Question is, now that we have a compromise of the security of lives, it highlights a few questions; 1, why isn't the government allowed to have its own full-fledged security for all ministers, while the President is busy giving away money left, right, and center?

Unfortunatly, this is the story of the so-called Jagan's party. It quite well reflects the overall nature of the entire caboose of PPP leadership, trapped in a zone in which they seem to take the barbarians at the gate with ease. The Buxton "resistance" is not a mere 15-20 men, as the President lamented; it is at least 30 men and young boys capable of shooting, not to mention more than 2 dozen people who are organizing behind the scenes; people who vary from editor of a magazine, to senior police and army officials. There are people overseas. This is a well-connected network dominated by military people. So what is the President doing exactly?

But more importantly, the Jagdeo regime has been aware of all the key players involved in a revolt. President Jagdeo refused to confront them. The President as far back as 2002, was told when a very senior police figure attended a meeting inside Buxton. He did not do anything. He nor his party cannot cry foul. He has no excuse and all of the so-called popularity does not amount to a grain of sand if his ministers are open for slaughter. If the army, which in 24 hours was able to raid at least 5 business places (spreading across 2 counties) of Indian businessman who allegedly supported the phantom, why was it not able to quash the gunmen in Buxton in more than 3 years?

The answer is simple: the leadership of the army under Chief of Staff Edward Collins has been compromised. The army complains of not having enough "intelligence" but this is just a farce to mislead the public. The army, in December 2002, found its way up to Good Hope on the East Coast and arrested Roger Khan and others, and seized the famous laptop. How did the army reach all the way to Good Hope when they were told to patrol in and around Buxton, where all the problems were? Simple: it's because they had "intelligence" on Roger Khan. Point is; they army can chase after Indians but not the Black extremists seeking to bring down the regime at hand.



"Robbery"?: Another Police Commissioner Bungle in the Jungle? Another Diversion Tactic?

Police Commissioner Winston Felix (above at press conference) has had the audicity to suggest that robbery was a "motive" for the killings, simply because $23,000 was taken by a gunman from Ompraksh Sawh. Isn't it obvious that this was just to throw the public off, to change the motive fo assassination to robbery? Four people from one family shot at leaving thress dead, including one dragged from under a bed, and the "top cop" thinks "robbery" was an option here. has robbery so far, taken precedence over the blunt killings; is this what Felix wants? Is this what the gunmen wanted? Is the Commissioner tying up loose ends here as he allegedly noted in the controversial Felix-Williams conversation? Was this assassination ordered to divert attention from the misisng AK-47s and Felix-Williams conversation?

How does a gunman rob a woman by shooting her in the side of her face with an assault weapon (as in the case of Julie Sawh), is what one should ask this Police Commissioner. And if robbery was the most likely motive (as opposed to premeditated murder and assassination), why then would the Commissioner see the possible need for survivors of the attack to be protected? If the robbery is over, then case close. Well, one should be reminded that it was the President who said he has full confidence in the Commissioner.


Left, one of four guards, Curtis Robertson, that was killed. Right, the minister's house.

              "I duck and hide and he fire the shot and it break the flowerpot and pass through and lodge in the vehicle wheel."
                                        —Security guard Roopnarine Thakurdin, eating when he was noticed by a gunman. Thakurdin survived.

Immature Pamper Support for the PPP in New York and Toronto
Further, people should ask about those who enjoy and smuggle out the gold, diamonds, etc., from Guyana under the current regime while the majority of the people live in a quagmire. Then there are those outside of Guyana who offer lavish cuddling support to the PPP, such as certain prominent businessmen (lawyers and real estate businesses especially) in Richmond Hill, Queens, New York, and Toronto, Canada, who have little clue as to the politics of the times, little interst outside selfish motives, but who pamper this government in dangerously childish manners. These people who appear like little gods at functions that host the government, should not be spared from being heavily criticised. They encourage this government to focus on the wrong issues.

Perhaps it is too late; for there is this strong feeling that this is nothing, and that much worse is yet to come. Perhaps it would also be fitting to advise that people stand guard from here on. After all, this is just a warming-up message to the government. And the people of Guyana of what will come—half of which is disguised as a political struggle but whichj really is about money. Money. More money.


Aga Khan, Sawh guard who was shot in stomach but survived.



April 22, 2006
© 2001