The Andrew Douglas "Hero" Handbill
by One Thousand Black Men

Andrew Douglas, Hero

African-Guyanese built this country over a period of 212 years of brutal unpaid laboured. Today, 164 years after the end of slavery, many of the descendents of these true Guyanese live on pavements, in abandoned buildings and in little square boxes barely large enough to qualify as a prison cell.

Eight of every 10 persons in lockups and jails around this country are African-Guyanese. most of our people are either unemployed or paid starvation wages. because of the ongoing onslaught of racism, brutality and other forms of discrimination against African-Guyanese, many of our young people are drifting into crime in order to eat and wear, some are begging on the streets, some are prostituting their bodies to care their children.

Burnham took away from the white oppressors and placed in the hands and factories, banks, bauxite ore and factories, drug-manufacturing company, Bookers stores, shipbuilding facilities, waves, shipbuilding and engineering and other assets.

By mean of corrupt contracts and sales of these national assets intended to benefit all Guyanese, the PPP government has transfer most of the nation's wealth to the pocket and bank accounts a few of their Indians supporters.

They the instituted a plan which resulted in the murder by of 140 of our young men, arbitrary locking up and imprisonment of thousands of our young men innocently and for all types of petty offences, brutalisation of Black men and woman by police. The grand plan was to terrorise us into submission to Indians.

Andrew Douglas, in the tradition of revolutionary fighters, became that it was the system and not the 300,000 African-Guyanese who are at fault. he pick up the gun and fought for our liberation. He died in combat, fighting or the revolutionary change, which is our only hope and salvation. His name will go down in our history. Ten young African men, as brave as he was, will take his place His killing will be avenged. The oppressors will be crushed. Our people will be liberated.

The Company of black freedom fighters demand system of Government and distribution of the national wealth that ensure the protection of our human rights and provide equal opportunities for the development of Black business. We demand government expenditure not only in cricket and squash where Indians and Portuguese predominate but also in activities in which African-Guyanese predominate such as athletics, football, boxing, basketball, music and art.

Until these basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all African-Guyanese, the builders of Guyana, there will be no peace.

Signed: one Thousand Black Men


© 2001