The Right to be a Guyanese Denied by Jagdeo and Others
by Rakesh Rampertab


Shaheed "Roger" Khan: the Guyanese citizen allegedly drugged and kidnapped from a Surinamese prison by or in accordance with the help of US  agents on June 29-30, 2006, sometime between 10-11 pm. Around 1 am, he is hooded, placed in leg irons and handcuffed,  and led to a Surinamese civilian aircraft, escorted by at least three Surinamese police. He would thereafter be taken to Trinidad, without any Guyanese travel documents. Apparently, no deportation papers were filed by the Surinamese in Trindad, which is required.



The Key Guyanese players that allowed for Roger Khan, a Guyanese citizen, to be forced out of Guyana and thereafter, did not press a case for Khan's return to Guyana. Left, PPP leader and head, Mrs. Janet Jagan, who accused the US of using "rendition" to get Khan into the US, but who sat quietly as the Joint Services (police and army) executed a large manhunt for Khan based on false allegations. Right, the trio of Police Commissioner Winston Felix, who issued illegal "wanted" bulletin for Khan and 3 others for "questioning" instead of a crime; President Jagdeo who, as an incompetent president and Commander in Chief, is incapable of getting Mr. Felix or the army's Chief of Staff on the right, Brigadier General Edward Collins, to find the missing AK-47s stolen from the army by the "masterminds" of the Buxton gang, which includes members of a leading political party in Guyana.


                                                                         The Surinamese Connection                             


The Surinamese Connection: left, President Ronald Venetiaan, the "worthless president" and right, the Justice Minister, Chandrikapersad Santokhi, a most accomplished of idiots who has become famous for numerous outrageous statements including Khan being linked to assassination plots of primary Surinamese state officials. The Justice Minister continues to act on behalf of his President who pretended to be in the background for reasons known only to himself, while the Surinamese Government vied with Trinidad for US favors.


SPEAKING OUT: Surinamese MP, Jiwan Sital, one of two MP that lashed out rightfully at the Surinamese President and its Justice Minister who allowed US agents to dicate the violation of Surinamese legal statutes. He referred to the Surinamese President, Ronald Venetiaan, as "a worthless president."


The Trinidadian Link


Prime Minister Patrick Manning, who allowed for Khan to be taken by US DEA agents despite knowing that Khan was a Guyanese. The prime minister never enquried with the Guyana authorities about Khan, and did not demand from the Surinamese to present the necessary deportation papers of this illegal person onto Trinidadian soil. Prime Minister Manning violated not only Trinidadian and International laws but allowed for the "rendition" case of a Caribbean citizen to be nabbed by the US. Right, the Trinidadian Attorney General who organized it all with the US agents, John Jeremie.



"The Surinamese have some explaining to do and so too do the Trinidadians. The Guyana Government has not even had the decency to issue a statement on this matter even though it involved one of its citizens. At the minimum, they ought to have been informed about Khan's expulsion and conveyance to America....

If Khan was expelled, then why was he handcuffed and shackled? Why was he reportedly drugged before being taken out of that country? And why was he not sent back to Guyana instead of being forwarded to Trinidad where a plane was waiting to take him to the United States of America."

—Peeping Tom, Kaieteur News, July 2, 2006

“A little bird told me there was a lot of `Roger that’ flying around here, in Suriname, and in Washington, and Trinidad last week. According to the little bird, there was word in the air from early last week that the eagle (you know whose eagle, right?) was moving in for a strike in Suriname and the other little birds there and nearby were warned to tuck their beaks under that dark part by where their tail feathers begin and not give a chirp. All the frightened, poor little birds could do was go `cheep, cheep…Roger that’, that little bird told me.”

   —Sharief Khan, from Khan’s Chronicles: “Roger That,” Chronicle, July 2 2006
, satirizing on TT, Surinam, and Guyana Governments working in unison to handover Roger Khan to the US.

"...So it needs to be explained why so many of our upstanding citizens are silent when Mr. Khan's human rights were so blatantly violated by the Surinamese officials. Why are we now silent when the Surinamese did not pursue the so-called “charges” they brought against Mr. Khan? On what basis did they “expel” him into a plane that whisked him to the US ? How is this action by the US authorities different from the “rendition” that all the European nations have condemned when it was shown to have occurred on their soil? Why are we silent on it?"
—Ravi Dev (ROAR), "The Law and Roger," Kaieteur News, July 2, 2006



The refusal of the PPP Government of Guyana under President Bharrat Jagdeo (in tandem with the PPP under Mrs. Janet Jagan), to accept Mr. Roger Khan, a Guyanese national back to Guyanese soil, is a treasonable abdication of the Government’s duty and a failure to recognize his human rights.

It was not a question of mere law, but a question o the right to life. The Guyana Government had, at the least, a moral and topical obligation because it knew that Khan was key to the US (and others).

The right to live in one’s native country is NOT a gift of any government, but a virtue of life achieved by birth. In refusing to initiate a request for Khan’s extradition, the Jagdeo Administration willfully executed Khan’s very identity; for a man without citizenship is a human being without a country.

The Government has failed to acknowledge the very sovereignty of Guyana, best enshrined in the citizenship endowed upon every Guyanese man, woman, and child. An objection to the Guyanese citizenship is an objection to all things perceived to be “Guyanese,” be it an idea, about soil, or people.

It is because of this right that the overseas Guyanese from internationally famous figures such as Mr. Clive Lloyd, to the ordinary housewife in Richmond Hill, Queens, refer to him or herself as a “Guyanese.” The phrase “I am proud to be a Guyanese” is, in essence, an eternal celebration of this God-given right.

And President Jagdeo has demonstrated that under his presidency, any child of Guyana may be denied his or her right to be a Guyanese. One should refuse, first as a human being and secondly as a Guyanese, to accept the stripping of Guyanese citizenship from any Guyanese.

I wrote about this human-right issue last week in the Guyanese press and wish to repeat it again, for it is most serious. So far, none of our politicians except (Mr. Ravi Dev) have addressed this issue, and I ask why? The PNC has has that it has no problem with the Surinamese "extradition" of Khan, despite knowing well that Khan's "extradition" (PNC MP, James McAllister, June 30, to Guyana Media) never occurred.

The PNC which says it wants to raise the "due process" rights of supposedly executed criminals, could not bat an eyelid over the rights of a Guyanese being being violated by the Surinamese, US, and the Trinidadian Governments.

Every government official attached to the Khan case in Surinam compromised their role as a representative of the people of Guyana, in favor of instructions from the PPP; they have placed party before country, and this unfortunately included the Hon. Minister Insanally, one of our sterling career diplomats.

It should be obvious to observers that PPP Ministers are forced to work along the lines of a larger PPP 2006 elections plan. But someone like Insanally should have resigned instead of refusing to investigate claims by Khan's lawyers that Khan was being tortured by Surinamese police, particularly one commander. Instead, Minister made the rare but very visible blunder of treating it as a "rumor." What has been a very good career has now been dampered by this for Minister Insanally, just as the enormously well-respected US statesman, Colin Powell, would always be linked to the false claims of Iraq having "weapons of mass destruction."

While one expects the legal representatives of Mr. Khan to take up this issue immediately with CARICOM, the Organization of American States, and the United Nations, they should also file lawsuits against the Governments of Guyana, Surinam, the United States, and the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago to court for the gross human rights violation committed against Mr. Khan.

Finally, the supporters of the PPP Government must know that no political party is worth supporting if that party cannot provide security and most embarrassingly, refuses to accept a Guyanese back on to Guyanese soil.

It is time to be reasonable; it is time to move away from the PPP which is deeply corrupted and inept. It is time for people to rise up and walk away from the PPP (and PNC) for the smaller parties (GAP/ROAR) and AFC.

Otherwise, the US would have its strong presence in Guyana to observe Venezuela (while giving us a few millions in loans that never serve the country as much as it serves the cause of the PPP Administration), and death and ruin would continue to reign over the ordinary Guyanese. It is time to walk away people...

July 1, 2006
© 2001