by Amrita Persaud

There she walks
All alone and to the edge.
"Never look back" they say
So she won't
Won't ever turn around because she has no regrets
She doesn't care about her mistakes
The past doesn't matter now anyway
In this in ordained existence
of perpetual lies and blunders
What matters?
Each life has no significance
In a pool of hate and impurities,
How does the loving and pure survive?
Oh yes there she stands
Her bare white feet along the jagged rocks
The clouds in the sky heavy with rain
The evening was chilly and the wind fierce
Her dark hair flew back along her red cheeks
Her eyes were glassy and distant
Her white dress now ripped and dirty
One foot in front of the other,
One step at a time....
Head up high
Look straight ahead
Her arms outstretched
As if she was ready to fly
She took another step
As the cold rushed under her bare white feet
She was finally going to fly!!
There was no looking back
The waves washed against the rocks
Pounding over and over
She let go
Eyes open
For the shortest time,
But now she was complete.
Her hair whipping up and her dress flying
Then silence
There was never any screams
She did it all on her own
A small smile spread across her face
The waves kept crashing against the rocks
The clouds became too heavy...

© 2001